Flying Anxiety and Top 10 Tips for Managing It

Flying anxiety can happen to anyone. It is not a disease, but more of a mental barrier. It can be overcome with a few simple tricks. For majority of travellers this can be overcome, Find some tips in the following article.

No matter how passionate traveller you are, first time in the flight is always a moment of nervousness. We all have feared, when we boarded into a flight for the first time in our life. However, for some of us, this fear of flights gets faded with time. On the other hand, some people still remain in fear, whenever they board a flight. Technically, this fear has been called as flying anxiety. Typically, this anxiety has been found in every first timers. But, if it is a persistent problem for you, then you must be suffering from flying anxiety or flight phobia. This has been termed as a mental illness by the physicians. This psychological problem can be overcome through counselings and various other mental treatments. But, before going to flying anxiety medication, it is important to understand its symptoms.

Phobia is not a disease; it is a psychological barrier. Thus, there is no medicine to heal flight anxiety. The mental barrier can be removed through proper counselling and psychological treatments. In the following section of this piece of writing, we shall find some effective flying anxiety tips. If you think that you have flying anxiety problem, you can try these tips to sooth your nerves.

Top 10 tips for flying anxiety

  1. Get Prepared for Your Flight

If you know that you have flying anxiety symptoms, you need mental preparations before you board on the flight. This mental preparation may take some time. Give yourself at least 2 weeks’ time to make your mind. In this time span, meet a good psycho-therapist or counselor, who can guide you. You need motivation to overcome your fear. For that, psychotherapists arrange counseling sessions. Undergoing these sessions will boost your mental strength and you will be prepared for your flights.

  1. Distract Yourself

The best and proven flying anxiety remedy is getting distracted. When the flight takes off, you should indulge yourself in chitchatting with others. Alternatively, if you are traveling alone, you must read some books. Choose to read something intense or interesting so that your attention stays diverted. You can also carry iPod. Listen to music, while flying. Music will keep your calm and relaxed. At the same time, music will help you to stay distracted from your fears.

  1. Avoid Caffeine


Caffeine has heavy impact over our nerves. It actually makes our nerves more sensitive. This is why you must avoid eating caffeine related substance before boarding your flights. For flying anxiety relief, you should avoid chocolate, coffee, etc. These substances contain high amount of caffeine. They make our nerves more sensitive and thus the anxiety may get even severe as well as seriously, if you eat such things before boarding flights.

  1. Avoid Window Seat

Whenever, we go for buying flight tickets, we generally look for window seats. It is a treat to watch the world from the top and thus we do not want to lose such excellent opportunity. However, if you have flight anxiety, then it is advised that you must avoid window seat. This is considered as an effective flying anxiety medication. As you watch the world from a certain height, your nerves will get weaker and your anxiety level will climb up.

  1. Add Humors and Imaginations

Humor is considered as the most effective medicine for mental illness or mental barriers. So, if you are looking for flying anxiety remedy, humor is the solutions. When flight takes off, imagine that you are in a fun city, enjoying some funny rides. Consider yourself in a train, if you find yourself in a bumpy flight.

  1. Know the Facts

To manage your flying anxiety symptoms, you should know and understand the facts. A plane is considered as the second safest mode of transportation. The first is an escalator. Moreover, chances of accidents in flights are minimal. In 11 million flights, only one accident has been noted.

  1. Keep Your Calm – Don’t Shout

One of the best flying anxiety tips is keeping calmness, barring yourself from shouting or screaming in fear. If you shout, you will get more nervous and you will cause nuisances for others as well. Thus, learn to keep calm. Close your eyes and think about some good moments of your life.

  1. Have a Drink

Travelers are offered drinks at the flights. Enjoy your drink to manage your fear. It will cool down your nerves as well as your fear.

  1. Drink Adequate Water


Drinking water will provide you flying anxiety relief. Water keeps our body balance normal.  Even after fear of nervousness, you would not fall sick, if your body has adequate amounts of water.

  1. Bring a Photo of Your Destination

This trick for managing flying anxiety works amazingly. Watch the photos of your destination. If you are a traveler, you will surely love watching them. These photos help you to stay distracted from your flight fear.