Fear of Sea – Reasons and How to Overcome it

Fear of ocean or ocean phobia is known as Thalassophobia. ‘Thalass’ means ocean or sea and ‘phobia’ means fear. This is an intense fear of sea that is rooted inside many human minds. It is a clinical phobia. Aqua phobia and hydrophobia are synonyms of Thalassophobia.

People having ocean phobia are very scared of sea, ocean and the creatures related to it. It includes the fear of getting drowned or being in the large water bodies like river, seas and oceans. People with Thalassophobia consider sea creatures to be big threats and as a result they find it difficult to go far from the land and a little deeper into the water body. The large and high waves are also the source of terror for the Thalassophobia victim. The heights and the depth of the waves make them scared.

Fear of seaFear of Sea – Reasons for Thalassophobia

There are few intense reasons which give rise to sea phobia. A person who had an accident in water or has witnessed the same might become thalassophobic. Besides this phobia might be natural from birth or one has developed with days by hearing some stuffs. People having fear of heights also have sea phobia. Those who are claustrophobic are also scared of depth of water body. People who are scared of water animals also develop ocean fear as they might find themselves helpless under the water.

Sometimes movies, novels, dramas, books, etc are also big reasons behind cropping the fear of water bodies. While reading books or watching movies related to these things they tend to inherit this fear by imaging themselves under those scripted situations.

How can one understand whether he is thalassophobic or not?

There are few physical as well as emotional symptoms which might help one to understand the power of withstanding the fear of water bodies and its depth.

  1. Panicking or trembling or shaking on seeing a large water body sometimes it may be smaller also like ponds and lakes.
  2. The rising of the thought of death in the person’s mind.
  3. Feeling low and very scared at the sight of large water body or ocean or sea.
  4. Thought of escape from the water body.
  5. Weeping
  6. Feeling of nausea

Thalassophobic people might get scared even from going to the beaches. They may encounter terror at the sight of water body which is quiet large and never ending.

How to overcome oneself from Thalassophobia?

There are several ways which can help thalassophobic people to overcome their fear. Various therapies have immensely help to achieve positive results by the victims. One needs to do these therapies and procedures religiously in order to overcome their fear of sea, fear of sea-urchins, fear of sea travel, fear of seagulls, fear of sea life, fear of ocean, etc.

Here are some of the therapies and processes to follow in order to win the fear of ocean.

  • Hypnotherapy– this therapy helps to find out the main reason behind the phobia. One has to undergo series of hypnosis sessions which would help to discover the root of fear. This should be done under practised trainer who has good knowledge and experience in this field. It is very obvious that everyone is not comfortable in allowing any outsider to get the control over their mind but still it is immensely helpful to discover the cause of your fear and then you get to treat it and overcome it as fast as possible.
  • Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP therapy– this is a very helpful and effective theory. In this therapy also the phobic needs to undergo few sessions but the main treatment of this therapy is the root cause is entirely removed from the mind and the phobia gets eliminated and the person tends to forget his fear.

Basically our fear, terror, thoughts are all given birth by our mind and the thoughts. So one needs to get control over it and overcome the phobia. So NLP basically helps you get command over your thinking processes, your feelings and your emotions. Hence it becomes quite easy to treat phobia through NLP. The series of sessions helps you know about your fear and step by step you get control over your fear.

  • Acupuncture– this is a needle-less treatment and through the use of energy psychology the fear, phobia, etc are removed from the mind of the phobic.
  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy or CBT– this is also a type of therapy which works on human minds and behaviours, their thought processes to identify and uproot the cause of Thalassophobia.

Conclusion- so basically phobias are our imagination which we build up by reading news, watching movies, reading stories or witnessing water accidents. These things rooms in our mind and we crop fear imagining those incidents might happen with us. But one should know that water is the safest medium than land. Hence if you are thalassophobic go for the therapies and overcome your fear.