Top 5 Symptoms and Effective Medications for Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is a common issue amongst many of us. First time boarders feel such fears, but for many of us it is a persisting problem. Find some symptoms and medications of such mental trauma.

Different people have different psychological setups. Some people enjoy flying, while some people get panicked after boarding on a flight. Fear of flying is definitely not a disease, but it is a critical mental condition, which can lead to several physical and mental traumas. There is no age for agoraphobia. It can happen to anyone, irrespective of age and gender. Flight phobia can managed with some effective techniques. In the following section, we shall discuss those techniques. However, before medication, it is important know the symptoms of flight phobia. So, let us check common 5 symptoms of flight phobia:

Fear of Flying Symptoms

  1. Fear of Height

Fear of Flying Symptoms

Fear of height is a common symptom for those, who have flight phobia. Some people think that fear phobia of height leads to flight phobia. Well this is partially true. As in many cases, it has been noted that the person has height phobia through he does not have flight phobia. So, flight phobia is a typical case. If you get panic attacks due to height in flights, you can consider this to be a prominent symptom of flight phobia.

  1. Fear of Water

Fear of Flying Symptoms

Flight phobia can be trigger from fear of water. Several people are there around us, having water phobia. Such people often feel uncomfortable after boarding flights. They think that the flight will crash into the water. Such panicky can be triggered, when the flight is traveling over some sea or river.

  1. Fear of Falling


Fear of falling is a common symptom for flight phobia. If you have fear of flying issues, then you may feel fear of falling, when traveling in an aero plane. Fear of falling is a kind of hypsiphobia fear of height. Such people often have been noted to have psychological problems with heights. They will feel uncomfortable if you take them to a high rise building roof.

  1. Sinusitis Pain

A common symptom of flight phobia is sinusitis pain. Even if you do not have sinusitis problems, you may start feeling such problem, while you are in flight. It is basically happens due to irregular blood pressure. Irregular in blood pressure is basically the aftermath of tension or anxiety due to phobia. Blood pressure level increases at the face area and the nasal path becomes narrow. Hence, we start feeling sinusitis pain. The pain can turn severe and sudden health breakdown may also be noted. Thus, one has to be careful with such issues.

  1. Paining Ears

This is a typical syndrome for fear of flying. This also happens due to disturbances in blood pressure due to hormonal imbalance. Quick secretion of adrenaline causes disturbances in blood stream. As blood pressure level goes up at the face area, ears start paining.

Fear of Flying Solutions

To manage your fear of flying, you need to follow some simple steps or methods. It has to be noted that there are no medicines to combat such psychological trauma. You need psychological counseling and along with that you need to follow some tricks, like you follow in case of batophobia. Here are some of the effective medications for relief against fear of flying:

  1. Contact a Psychologist

Flight phobia is basically a psychological issue. Hence, to get rid of this problem, you need to consult a good and experienced psychologist. Several things are there which can help you to manage your fear or anxiety. Some of the psychologists suggest practicing yoga and meditation for better control on mind.

  1. Educate Yourself

Knowledge is ray of light in a dark room. We fear due to lack of knowledge. This is a proven truth and thus, you should make efforts to gain knowledge to overcome your fear. In case of fear of height picture inside the flights, you need confidence boost. Flight is the one of the safest means of transportation. Knowing several other facts like this will give you confidence boost.

  1. Drink Adequate Water

When you are about the board flight, drink adequate water. Drinking water keeps our body balance perfect. It does not let abrupt blood pressure hike to occur. Hence, it is always safe to stay hydrated before boarding flights if you have phobia issues.

  1. Perform Meditations

Undergo meditation classes, as such classes help to get rid of mental barriers. If you have flight phobia, perform your meditations, like simple exhaling and inhaling meditation. It will keep your diverted from your fear and also it will help you to get better control on your mind.

  1. Benzodiazepines – Anti-anxiety Drug

If doctor prescribes, then go for a drug for relaxing your nerves. Benzodiazepine is a common drug that has been prescribed to those, who have phobia in flying. It is an anti-anxiety drug, which quickly heals tensions or anxieties. However, it may contain side-effects. Thus, always take such drugs upon the prescription of an experienced as well as trusted doctor.